Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Is Why I Can't Comment on YouTube

So recently, via YouTube, I watched the ever-brutal "Passion of the Christ" for the first time. The entire movie was SAW in the format of biblical scripting. Throughout the whole thing, I glanced down at some of the comments left by other YouTube users. Granted I shouldn't do that, simply due to the fact that there's an overabundance of incompetent children who aren't open to look into things deeper than their current perspective. There's nothing wrong with believing in Jesus and everything, but the responses typically have nothing to support their ideals in faith, hence why there are internet "trolls," or bullies, who target these individuals and create an intense rage for the user. I can't help it myself, sometimes.

I decided to step outside my boundaries and comment on the video, because you can't watch a religious movie without asking some questions, at least I can't. Here's my comment verbatim:
Pretty sure this never happened, at least not in the way it's depicted. This movie's just a violent attempt to show people the light, but really it's just a violent exaggeration of some passages in a book. It's more disgusting than spiritual. Why should his death, and not his life, be more important?

Looking back on it, I realize it's a harsh way to deliver my input. I felt like it was a reasonable response. One disagreed, however.

@Snoofalah his death is more important bcuzz of the way he died for us

This all turned into a tennis match of me giving reasons for my argument, and their inability to do the same. The entire "debate" consisted of me offering theories and possibilities and the other saying "wat r u talking abot?" Then they shared with me a fact that further made me feel like a bully:

@Snoofalah look im just 12 i dont know wat ur talking about but i do kno that jesus lovz us all n tht he is king of everything

My face. My expression, my emotion, represented in the picture above resembles everything I felt when I read that. First off, if you're going to offer a rebuttal, back it up with something that doesn't just sound like "I'm right because I'm right." Second, you're a child. This movie isn't meant to be seen by your virgin eyes, considering the whole movie is about the Romans beating the living shit out of your messiah. They want to believe that his getting turned into hamburger is more important than the things he taught his followers? If he hadn't said anything prior to being nailed to the cross, why would anyone bother about it? You don't just convince people you're the son of god by getting yourself beaten senseless, you have to try hard to-

Oh yeah, you're 12. Nevermind.

Who else is 12 on YouTube? There's too much of a chance I'll be arguing with another one if I comment anywhere else. Granted they're easy targets with little to no defensive qualities, but I'm not going to waste my fingers away by typing my side of the argument. Leave that to someone who cares about mentally warping a child's brain through the internet. That's just the way it goes there. Read the comments of some videos and you'll see that there is no shame or pity in these people. On a documentary segment I watched about insects with chemical, biological weapons, there were comments like "BUSH CAUSED 9/11, U FUCKER GO DIE." Why does this belong? Is there something I'm missing? Did I completely skip over something in the video that suggests insects flew planes into the two buildings, or something? What is the matter with this place?

I don't know. I'm going to drown my sorrows in root beer.


  1. I completely agree with you on this Bob. I find it difficult to express a view on youtube simply because of the asinine responses I might receive. There's just no way you can ever avoid some idiot (12 or 20,30,40) posting the most ridiculously off topic steaming pile of shit response to the video itself or to a comment you post. The only thing the comment section of youtube is good for is if you feel like arguing with someone for the hell of it, then you can do it on pretty much any video. That's why youtube is the playground of trolls more than people with common sense.

  2. Bob I hate to player hate but you were probably being trolled to a deeper degree than you think, since "I'm 12" is a bit of a meme.

  3. other than that I can't agree more.
    "The internet doesn't make you stupid, it just makes your stupidity more available," I'm afraid.

  4. I know about the meme, but this one is different. This time I can tell it's a 12 year old. I can't tell you why, but something about their favorites, their profile, and the way they talk.

  5. I tried commenting on an Everything is Terrible entry on an anti-New Age video and some guy was like "where does it say that people with 'gay' voices worship Satan?" I had to say the obvious - my comments were satire, as Everything is Terrible promotes satirical comments in reply to their schlocky and oft-hackneyed discoveries.

    But I still comment. Why? Because I can ignore those kids. I honestly don't give a fuck.