Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Election Derp

I am a libertarian. A man with and without judgment that assigns importance with matters that interest me. I especially don't like being lied to, as that insults me as a person with half a mind to decide fates with the press of a button. Even if I DO offer my services, I'm one in 307,006,550 Americans with an opinion, most of which are made by selfish, gullible degenerates with very little in common with me. That being said, let me get on with my point.

Soon it's election day for governors and representatives, two words that don't match me with the individual at all. First of all, they govern what they're applying for. They're making decisions that don't represent my opinions whatsoever. Why would I vote for someone who doesn't think like I do, hasn't lived like I have, isn't poor like I am, or gone through the same problems as an American as I have? I take the bus, they take a limo. I drink soda when I can afford it, they drink champagne daily. This does not reflect my interests, this defies them.

What's worse is the door-to-door assholes who think by visiting once, they automatically understand the people. See them in-person another week later, and they'll call security if you even attempt to approach them. For someone who's representing me and governing my way of life, you would think they would be a bit more thankful for a visit, let alone have the courtesy to remember who I am. It's like when you pet a cat and give it food, and then it turns around and bites your knuckles off. What kind of gratitude is that? Why make a commitment to an animal that disapproves of your presence? Maybe it's a cat owner thing, I don't know.

They make all the decisions, make all of the money, pay hardly any taxes, kind of like church; The Catholic church as earned itself $422.098 billion. What does the church need for that much money? What are the hardships the Catholics have to endure that they can't spare a little extra change for the homeless? Politics, religion, same thing to my eyes. You're counting on something that may or may not be the truth, putting your interests and your money into believing, and in the end if you're proven wrong, you suffer the consequences. You only have such a small amount of faith before it gets completely twisted around and fucked in the ass with a representative's microphone in the shape of the holy cross. By voting, you're limiting yourself to trusting in someone who hasn't made their decisions widely known until it's too late to reverse them. Everyone makes mistakes, but politicians do nothing to correct them. They can't be bothered to do that, they need to refill their glass of wine.

So I'm afraid I won't be joining your little campaign this year. I'll only come along if there's free candy and sex being thrown in my direction, but until then, you get to pick your poison.