Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Didn't Vote. I Can Still Live Here, Right?

So I didn't vote.

I didn't.

There's no point. It's just a bunch of liars and scoundrels that have similar motives. Neither one of both parties are ever going to do what they promise you. No one's going to speak for you when you have a voice. So, instead of choosing which liar I like best, I decided that neither of them would get my vote.

Now here's where you come in. You, the "democratic patron to society." You're a gambler. You have no idea of what will happen after the elections. The choices made won't be similar to the ones you thought they would. You argue that if you DON'T vote, you're not utilizing your rights. That's just the thing, though: Being that this is a country where my ideas and opinions won't get me shot, I should also have the right to not cast a ballot. If you tell me that what I did was wrong, you haven't seen the right aspects about it, nor will you ever understand that in the end, it won't make a difference. Only once in a blue moon will your guy get elected and save the world. I'd pay to see that happen.

I can't be coaxed into choosing a side. I was recently put into an attempted guilt trip from someone who was trying to force me to vote Democrat. Then I was told by someone else that if I voted Democrat, I'd be a scoundrel to America, and that "I should be shot." Listen to that. People who think that this country has liberties and the respect for opinion, and then contradicting it by literally threatening the people they disagree with. That's patriotism for you. There's your American right; just pretend you're on their side and listen to the filth they have to say about the other end. The hypocrisy between the people only shows our true colors. We're too afraid to be at peace with each other.

So fuck 'em. I don't vote, and neither does George Carlin.


  1. I think my friend Mac put it as simply as possible: "Parties do not stand for something so much as they exist as a team of people which strives to control the entire federal government. A political party is a team of people that agree to help each other gain power, money, and favors." ( )

    Personally, I did vote, but not for one of the usual two. It disappoints me to hear how many times I hear someone say they didn't vote because they don't like Democrats or Republicans, or they voted for one of those because "the other guy wouldn't win". I think that assumption is the only thing that dooms them to a loss.

    Though, I'm all for people not voting, too. Sometimes people have better things to do than be a drop in the ocean.

  2. That's well said. Tell your friend that I am quite fond of this view.