Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shit you don't need: PS3 Slim and Other Toys

Here's what sons my bitch: There's a new toy out there for all of you who just can't get enough of holding big, hard joysticks in your hands. It's the "PS3 Slim," and it supposedly replaces the original console. I know nothing about it, nor do I truly care, but here's a question for those who do: Other than size and the new placements of ports and wi-fi and all that, what's the difference? Are people really going to have both consoles? Would the original be sold, or given away, or what?

I shouldn't even suggest "giving it away," because if there's one thing that people have a pretty hard time with, it's giving expensive things away for free. We're in a place now where every dollar counts, or so we're always told. Money itself means nothing. It's paper with men drawn on the cover. We give it value and importance, when truly it does nothing other than sit in your pocket, waiting to be exchanged again and again through filthy hands and back. I have a feeling that's how most germs spread. Not because of door handles or food, but because we just can't get enough green, but I digress.

The point I'm trying to emphasize is that we're spending a good amount on things we don't need, especially right when they're at their priciest. As a society, we rarely have the patience to wait and see how things will turn out. Instead, we claw our way to the top, trying to get in on whatever seems to be the next big thing. While this new gadget (PS3 Slim) is priced currently at $299, in a few months, probably after the holidays, the price will drop by a significant percentage. Not only that, but they will find bugs in the system and work those out in due course. Basically, if you buy things immediately when they're announced public, you might as well buy a cricket bat too, so you can constantly beat yourself senseless for spending so much on what will turn out to be an obsolete toy.

It's all material goods. I'm guilty of it myself sometimes, but truthfully, if it exceeds what I am able to afford, I allow time to take its toll on the price and see if it decreases in value. Like the pen I just ordered awhile ago; it's a butterfly knife-style pen that you can do cool tricks with. Some people bought it immediately, when it was $30. I got mine for literally half the price, which included shipping costs. It's not something I absolutely need, but it's nice to have things that you want when it's reasonable. Not when it's SOMETHING YOU ALREADY FUCKING OWN.

I can't tell you what to buy or when to buy it. That would be rude of me. What I'm saying is that we need to evaluate the current circumstances before we hop aboard the Greed Train. What people fail to understand is that things don't cease to exist if we don't get them right away. They can become out-of-stock, but they don't completely disappear off the face of the earth. Wait for someone to be disappointed with their product and decides to sell it online for cheaper. That, or maybe your friend has it, and they invite you over to play it for free. Whatever the situation, you don't HAVE to have all this electronic butt-sludge adding to your piles of worthless garbage. You can afford to wait, but there's a media-induced illusion that you can't. Trust me on this one, you can wait.

So for the sake of your own benefit and your budget, think before you spend. What you see isn't always what you get. Computers, gaming consoles, phones, and other toys are diversions to what's really going on. You're forgetting how excitingly difficult living is, and how fun it is to make your own adventures rather than play someone else's. Life is a challenge, like a console game. Don't let it pass you by and wonder what you did with your time.

This post is happy end.
Thank you."

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